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Photopal15 current version

use cases
- post on facebok FROM ALBUM 1 mockup
- link account with facebook from SETTINGS
- add tags to picture from PHOTOS - ALL PHOTOS mockup
Launch Screen
    This will be the splash/launch screen that will show the loading app.
    Access app
      Allow access storage
        Access location
          Apple ID sign in
            # If you choose to hide your email when you create an account with an app or website using Sign in with Apple, a unique, random email address is created so your personal email can stay private.
                Privacy Policy
                  Main Screen - Albums
                    Photos - all photos
                      # if years, months or days is not select, # all photos will be displayed
                      Photos - years
                        Photos - months
                          Photos - days
                              Change Password
                                Facebook authorize
                                  Facebook link
                                    Facebook login
                                      Album 1
                                        Select pictures
                                          Click on share icon
                                            Post on facebook
                                              Facebook page
                                                  Tag mockup
                                                    Click on tag
                                                      tag not selected
                                                        On tap on to 'railroad' tag and gets selected; same with 'trainstation' tag
                                                          Tags album
                                                              Train Station

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